Prayer Requests

From Sabbath, June 16:

Victoria's recovery from surgery.



Teddy healing - Don H.


From Sabbath, June 9:

Bonnie F and Montana church school - Brent P

Family and Friend's Mother - Yessica

Sandra Harrell and Parents - Don H.

Kari - Terry-Anne

Hope's deployment - Greg C.

Deplpyment - Charles H.

Friend with cancer - Charles H.

Victoria's surgery Friday - Charles H.

Nichole - Charles H.

Beard Family  - Summer P. 

Friend's father's busines burned - Ulysses

Coworker's arthritis - Helen D.

Friends dealing with family and health issues - Helen D. 


From Sabbath, June 2:

School Exams - Azaria P.

Susan's grandson's heart - Terry-Anne P.

Sandra Harrell and Parents - Don H.

Dale R:  recovery from accident - Myra R.

Ronny B: recovery from stroke - Myra R.  


Campmeeting Week:

Upcoming arbitration - Samantha L.

Wanda's surgery for tumor on brian. - Greg C.

Vicky's cancer treatments - Helen D.

Sandy's broken hip and shoulder - Helen D. 

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