Prayer Requests

From Sabbath, September 22

Jordan and Garrett Raitt and their families - Myra R. 

Lee's career opportunities - Don H.

Two girls with abusive step-father - Don H.

Kim's health

Bircham Family - death in family

Barbara Barkhouse

Mary Anne Belue


Cornelia Martin

Nell McAlister 

Teddy Mullins

Marrianne Taylor


From Sabbath, September 9

Lee Harrell career direction.

Terry Jones search for housing.

Barbara Barkhouse

Cornelia Martin

Mary Anne Belue (And Nell McAlsiter)

Teddy Mullins


From Sabbath, August 18:

Claire and Stephanie's college classes

God's care for our children - Myra R

Mary Annis's hip fracture

Barbara Barkhouse - Cancer and death of husband Jack

Cornelia Martin is iin Baptist Memorial Hopital in Collierville


From Sabbath, August 4:

Cornelia Martin is iin Baptist Memorial Hopital in Collierville

Jack Barkhouse in in hospice

Barbara Barkhouse is still weak


From Sabbath, July 28:

Crystal D's pregnancy - twins - Sharon D

LaCom's sick grandchildren - Margi L.

Two year old child with lukemia - Sharon D.

Children attending Corinth Schools - Terry-Anne

Heather Floyd - Sabrina B.



From Sabbath, July 21:

Lee Harrell's job witht the Boarder Patrol - Don H.

Greg's Aunt Wanda is in the hospital

Herbert is in the ICU following a heart attack - Nell M. 

School Friend - Azaria

Berquin Feese's wedding next weekend - Brent P.

ASI meetings - Brent P.

The Barkhouses'


From Sabbath, July 14:

The Barkhouses'


From Sabbath, July 07:

Highway 72 traffic accident on Friday - Don H.

Adventist Grade School in TN - Debbie R.

Soccar team stuck in Thailand cave - Margi LaCom

Strenght and Clarity  for Tiffany as she finishes her Nurse Practition schooling this summer - Margi L.


From Sabbath, June 30:

The Barkhouse's  

Helen's son Randy


From Sabbath, June 23:

Boyd F. recovery in hospital - Sharon D. 

Stephe and Sophia's high risk pregnancy - Alan

Justin's newborn twins - Greg C.

Gideion, Haley, and Hope - Greg C.

Victoria' recovery form surgery. - Charles H.

Grandchildren's upcoming visit - Helen D. 

US Armed Forces - Charles H

Personal health and comfort - Barbara B. 


From Sabbath, June 16:

Victoria's recovery from surgery.



Teddy healing - Don H.


From Sabbath, June 9:

Bonnie F and Montana church school - Brent P

Family and Friend's Mother - Yessica

Sandra Harrell and Parents - Don H.

Kari - Terry-Anne

Hope's deployment - Greg C.

Deplpyment - Charles H.

Friend with cancer - Charles H.

Victoria's surgery Friday - Charles H.

Nichole - Charles H.

Beard Family  - Summer P. 

Friend's father's busines burned - Ulysses

Coworker's arthritis - Helen D.

Friends dealing with family and health issues - Helen D. 


From Sabbath, June 2:

School Exams - Azaria P.

Susan's grandson's heart - Terry-Anne P.

Sandra Harrell and Parents - Don H.

Dale R:  recovery from accident - Myra R.

Ronny B: recovery from stroke - Myra R.  


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